Time to get creative!

RRS mascot


Hello Year 6,

The school council would like everyone to create a mascot to promote RRS IN school.

Please give your entries to your school councillor and be in with a chance to win a fantastic art set!

Good luck!





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Swimming lessons


How did your first swimming lesson of the year go?

What are the goals that you aim to achieve by the end of the week?

Don’t forget your kit for the rest of the week!

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Anderton Centre


I hope EVERYBODY had a fantastic day at the Anderton Centre today (despite the weather).

What skills did you learn today?

What was your favourite activity?


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Easter Holidays


Well done year 6 for working extremely hard this term! Enjoy the Easter holidays, get some rest and remember just to do a little bit of revision each day. We’ll see you back in 2 weeks bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

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Multi skills

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Earthquake and tsunami in New Zealand


Write about the impact the recent earthquake and tsunami had on New Zealand.

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What a fantastic day yesterday was! Your pizzas looked amazing. Did they turn out exactly as you hoped? Can you think of anything you might change next time?

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Share some of your learning about our topic Italy by posting below.

If you’ve built your own website, remember to attach a link.

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Image result for river images

Can you research and add some interesting facts about different rivers from around the world?

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Y6 Weather Balloon Project


Later in the year, year 6 will be taking part in a weather balloon project as part of Science Week 2016.

As part of the project, they will be collaborating with Chris Hillcox who is helping school with the technical aspects of the launch. Chris has previously been involved in projects like this for places like the National Space Centre.

You can watch a link of the launch here:

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