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What a fantastic day yesterday was! Your pizzas looked amazing. Did they turn out exactly as you hoped? Can you think of anything you might change next time?

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Share some of your learning about our topic Italy by posting below.

If you’ve built your own website, remember to attach a link.

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Image result for river images

Can you research and add some interesting facts about different rivers from around the world?

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Y6 Weather Balloon Project


Later in the year, year 6 will be taking part in a weather balloon project as part of Science Week 2016.

As part of the project, they will be collaborating with Chris Hillcox who is helping school with the technical aspects of the launch. Chris has previously been involved in projects like this for places like the National Space Centre.

You can watch a link of the launch here:

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Welcome to Year 6. We have an exciting, adventurous and challenging year ahead of us. We can’t wait to work with you all! How are you feeling about Year 6? Share a few thoughts with us.

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Quarry Bank Mill


quarry bank

What did you learn from our trip to Quarry Bank Mill in relation to the Industrial Revolution? Which activity did you enjoy the most? Post your comments and share your thoughts with the rest of the year group!

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The Lost Thing


The Lost Thing

In Literacy we have been reading ‘The Lost Thing’.  What did you think about this story?  What genre would you say this story belongs to?  Would you recommend it to other children and why?

Natural disasters!!!


Over the last few months in the news a couple of natural disasters have been reported. Some of the natural disasters involved an eruption in Hawaii, a tornado in America and a flood in Pakistan, along with many others.

Find out about the Natural Disasters and share what you find on the blog.

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Anderton Centre



Did you enjoy your day out to the Anderton Centre? Share your experiences with the rest of your peers.

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6B Dance (Diversity)


6B have been focusing on dance during the last term. We have worked really hard on getting our timing right as well as using Diversity as inspiration for some of our moves. Here are a few videos of some of our routines!

Dance 1 from Rachael Binder on Vimeo.

Dance 2 from Rachael Binder on Vimeo.

Dance 3 from Rachael Binder on Vimeo.

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