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Multi skills


Good luck


Well the time has come for you to put all of your hardwork into action!! You have all worked very hard this year and we are all very proud of you. Make sure you get a good nights sleep tonight and a healthy breakfast in the morning. GOOD LUCK All the year six teachers.   […]



Our next topic in Science is all about circuits and electricity. Take a look at the links below and find out more so that you are one step ahead when we come back after the holidays. Post anything you find out on our blog for others to share.

Science week


Next week is Science week and you will be working in groups to design and make your own Glider Plane. Below are some websites to give you some ideas. If you find any other useful websites please write on the blog. […]

My maths/sumdog


Well done to all those children who have done their my maths homework. Also I see that over the holidays many of you have been on Sumdog. I would like to say a big well done to Faaiza, who has the most points in my maths group. Keep it up and you can put 5 house […]

Malorie Blackman


In Literacy over the next few weeks we will be looking at the author Malorie Blackman. What can you find out about her? Post your comments on the blog so we can find out as many interesting facts as we can about her.

Romeo and Juliet


Over the past week you have read the story of Romeo and Juliet. Click on the link below and you can read the play and then answer some questions to check your understanding. Let us know how many you got correct.  

Twelfth Night


  So I hear that you had the opportunity to watch Twelfth Night today. Unfortunately, I was unable to watch it but from all the feedback I have had it seems that you really enjoyed the production.  So, as I missed out, I would be really grateful if you could give me some feedback. Think about the […]

Think of a number????


I think of a number and multiply the answer by 7 and add 34. The answer is 76. What is the number? Can you make up your own for your friends to solve. You may want to make yours more challenging,  however make sure you know the answer.

Alligator pool parties????


Have a look at the link below and read all about this crazy idea. After you have read the article let us know your opinion.  

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